Health Care

Mawadda International Aid’s Health and wellbeing Units take actions to provide individuals laid low by civil unrest, conflicts, disasters and poverty with simple programs for defensive and healing medical care within generally well-known guidelines to improve the quality of their lives. We act as an emergency service to many people, until a more structured support can be established, by providing essential material resources, medicines, supplies and equipment.Primary Health CareMany African countries are not properly equipped to provide health services their health clinics and hospitals are totaly inadequate, lack medicines, doctors and nurses. We work to determine the scale of help needed, amount of skill sets and the possibility of speedy interaction and development, we work on educating the general public on healthy living and disease prevention.

First Aid and Hospital CareMawadda International Aid helps the wounded when conflict situations hinder communal health care operations from following normal practices. As we are impartial, we provide aid through hospitals or emergency hospitals by giving actual health and wellbeing support and providing medications, medical aid, education and extra trained staff.