Operating Internationally to Provide Humanitarian Aid for those plagued by conflict and extreme violence

Mawadda International Aid

Making Aid Work Against Disaster Disease Aggression

International Committee

Mawadda International Aid operates internationally to provide humanitarian aid for those plagued by conflict and extreme violence in order to promote such laws which safeguard sufferers of war and give direct aid where needed . An independent and unbiased charity aid organization, its mandate arises primarily by way of Geneva Conventions of 1949. It is mainly funded by donations through personal donations, corporate donations, governments and international charitable societies.Mawadda International Aid was formed as a direct response to the Libyan situation of 2011. As our trustees were in fact in central Tripoli and were able to see firsthand the appalling results of a regime with a cruel dictator with no regard for human life or humanitarian law so upon returning to England Mawadda International Aid was formed with the sole purpose of assisting the Libyan people but quickly developed into an organization for the international condemnation of atrocities and the legal pursuit of laws to prevent such crimes, help those in the Mena region from our head office in the UK as well as our international satellite offices we bring together aid organizations, personal and corporate sponsors to help us support those in need.Mawaada International Aid is imposing policies to shield wounded civilians and send medical experts and aid. We succeeded in establishing a humanitarian position in many of the conflict, poverty and disaster zones. It has endlessly works to persuade governments and authorities to formulate proper rights protection of battle victims and restrict suffering. Mawadda International Aid functions and values for its movements’ and fundamental principles which are neutral, impartial and autonomous. National and international satellite offices moreover create an indispensable contribution in regards to specialized personnel and experts on the ground. Mawadda International Aid accounts are interpreted every year inside the annual report.