Operating Internationally to Provide Humanitarian Aid for those plagued by conflict and extreme violence

Mawadda International Aid

Making Aid Work Against Disaster Disease Aggression

Mandate & Mission

Mawadda International Aid is undoubtedly an unbiased and independent charity whose solely humanitarian objective is to safeguard the lives and dignity of victims of war internal bloodshed and poverty and to provide all assistance for the long term future of such citizens with regard to schools and infrastructure required for a just and civil society.It organizes and coordinates the intercontinental alleviation of suffering and all pursuits carried out by our Movement for instances of conflict. Additionally it endeavors to avoid anguish by promoting and empowering humanitarian law and universal humanitarian standards.

The Objectives Of Mawadda international aid Charity Are:

The relief of poverty distress, suffering (including starvation, sickness mental health and physical injury, disability and affliction) and development of people in need internationally and particularly in the Middle East and North Africa who are the victims of conflict, natural disaster, insecurity or crisis

Relieve of Sickness:We are dedicated to assisting communities suffering from malnutrition, diseases, lack of resources, mental, physical illness or injury in the Middle East and Africa by providing direct financial assistance, support, medical aid and practical advice.

Relieve poverty:Our aim is to make valuable contributions to suffering communities through fighting poverty in Africa and Middle East specifically, providing safe, healthy drinking water, medical assistnace, equipment and services to all people in need.