Mawadda International Aid

Activities On Behalf Of People Affected By War:

We are dedicated to respond swiftly and proficiently to humanitarian needs of individuals by providing vital support such as water ,food shelter and medical aid whenever a disaster strikes due to armed conflicts, hostilities environments, natural catastrophes or any disastrous situation deemed to require immediate relief. We exert all our efforts to bring hope and solidarity to Oppressed communities, standing side by side to end poverty and injustice.Mawadda International Aid is known as an efficient charity for its capability to deploy speedily into many situations around the world. Our main goal is to support North African countries and follow the situation from our UK head quarters, Tripoli-Libya base and international offices.We are working to raise the standards of humanitarian aid and ensure that the funds raised are spent effectively to finance humanitarian relief and are headed to the right destinations in the aim of delivering effective and timely relief to people most in need and providing equal access to essentials such as clean water, education and healthcare.